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Customer Testimonials

Auto Express of Hamilton is the best place to buy your next car!
Don't believe us? Just ask one of our more than 4,000 satisfied customers!

  • Lavoria L.

    "Thank you Auto Express for hooking me up in my Impala, I'm loving it! Their staff is awesome! If you're ever in need of a nice reliable vehicle go see them, they rock!!"

    Lavoria L.

  • Kristen R.
    Kristen recently purchased her third vehicle from us. We want to thank Kristen and her whole family for being valued customers!

  • Cierra M.
    "My car buying experience was nothing short of amazing! Dana was awesome from start to finish, beginning with our communication following my online request all the way through my signing. When I arrived to the dealership the car that I was interested in had been sold the night before. And my second choice had been sold right as I arrived. Josh, the owner, spent an abundance of time with me trying to help me to find something that I truly liked and fit my needs. Ultimately I purchased a 2009 Ford Fusion which I LOVE! I can not say enough wonderful things about these people! If you are in the market for a quality used car and you don't want to be pressured into something you really don't like, or treated like a number but instead treated like a person, maybe even a close family friend then I highly recommend Auto Express!!!"
    Cierra M.

  • Isabel & Shannon B.
    Congratulations to the Barnes family! This is their third purchase with Auto Express!

  • Melissa M.
    "They're really great people and very honest. Dedicated in customer satisfaction. Plus I got a warranty. I would recommend them to anyone."

    Melissa M.

  • Matthew A.
    Matthew just got his second vehicle with Auto Express, a 2011 Jeep Patriot!

  • Brie J.
    "They were very fair, honest and I didn't feel any pressure! Most of all I love my vehicle!!!!"

    Brie J.

  • Connie H.
    Connie recently paid off her fourth vehicle with Auto Express!

  • Denny D.
    "I highly recommend this place, the people are great and very helpful and they have good quality vehicles to chose from."

    Denny D.

  • Russell S.
    "This is a great place to do business with. The staff is fantastic!"

    Russell S.

  • Tonnisha R.
    "I really do like Auto Express of Hamilton. They are nice people to work with, they try their best to help you get a car, and they work with you on everything. Keep up the good work."

    Tonnisha R.

  • Larry S.
    "Standup A1 people, honest and friendly. They have kept me riding clean for over six years now."

    Larry S.

  • Leonard M.
    "Just finished paying off my 2001 Toyota Solara, a fantastic car with only one break down in the whole time of my contract. Currently has over 200,000 miles and still runs like a top, 35mpg, a fresh wax brings out a showroom finish. They keep a great inventory of various makes and models. I wanted a stick shift gas saver that was reliable. The staff is wonderful to work with, salesmen and office staff are great. I definitely would recommend this business for your next car purchase."

    Leonard M.

  • Wanda P.
    "Jesse is an awesome salesperson! We bought two Yukon trucks from him. Everyone that we have encountered at Auto Express were very professional, and helpful."
    Wanda P.

  • Cecelia J.
    "I totally enjoyed my first car buying experience. I am standing on the roof top and telling everyone to buy from Auto Express of Hamilton!!!"
    Cecelia J.

  • Trent W.
    "Josh was a great help. Although I didn't purchase a car that day, I will be as soon as I find what it is I'm looking for. Josh was extremely honest and fair. I traveled up and down Route 4 and this was the best place by far."
    Trent W.

  • Martine W.

    "I just got my 2004 Toyota Camry from there and Molly and Jesse made the process easy and very understandable, they make sure you understand and are comfortable with the entire process. I will definitely tell everyone I know about Auto Express of Hamilton."

    Martine W.

  • Kelly Y.

    "I am in my 4th car from Auto Express. Great staff that will work with you if problems occur. I'm not picky about the type of vehicle I have (as long as it runs properly), so they always have a good one for me on the lot. The building is always clean, don't forget to check out the fish tank. There is only one thing they ask of you and that is to keep up with your payments. If you are having problems them, they will work with you (they are a business)."

    Kelly Y.

  • Lori H.

    "I had the best experience with Auto Express, they were so helpful.  All of my questions got answered promptly, accurately, and with professionalism. I told them what I was looking for and how much I could pay. They delivered, and I am enjoying my Toyota. Thank you Auto Express."

    Lori H.

  • Latoya T.

    "This is the best place I ever bought a car from. The process was simple and they were very nice and didn't hassle you or force you to choose. I love my Camry!!!! They even worked with me on a payment!!! I have told all my friends and would definitely do business with them again!"

    Latoya T.

  • Teresa H.
    "I like Auto Express so much I recently purchased my third car."
    Teresa H.

  • Zach W.

    "I can't recommend Auto Express highly enough. We all know the reputation of most used car dealers, but Auto Express wasn't anything like that. There were no high pressure sales tactics, they had plenty of cars to choose from (in a variety of price ranges, too) and I was in and out in about an hour from start to finish. The staff is pleasant, professional, and polite. Every car I looked at was clean and well maintained. If you're looking for a car and have less than ideal credit, this is where I'd start my search- it'll probably be the only dealership you have to look at."

    Zach W.

  • Amanda B.

    "Just paid my Tahoe off on Wednesday! I would highly recommend Auto Express, they have nice vehicles, they work with you, and staff is friendly!"

    Amanda B.

  • Brian & Danyelle P.
    "Dana and Molly made our experience great! We went in with little down and thought we had to settle on a small vehicle however Molly and Dana made sure we got the vehicle we needed and at payments that were comfortable for us. I will recommend everyone I know to go see these wonderful ladies!! Auto Express took a chance on us when no one else would!! Thank you Dana and Molly!!"

    Brian & Danyelle P.

  • Deborah H.

    "Awesome company to work with. They are caring and fair people to work with. Josh and Jeff will do their very best to make sure that you can get a good and reliable automobile. They work with you not against you."

    Deborah H.

  • Shavonya C.

    "Love this place, they work with you, and very professional. Molly helped me and I love her for taking the stress off me, got me approved for a car Asap!!!!! Thanks Again Molly :)"

    Shavonya C.

  • Marcus & Amber H.
    "I would recommend this company to everyone!! With our credit, and not a lot of cash for a down payment, I never thought we would get a new car! They were amazing! Explained everything for us, and put us in a beautiful new car!!! Can't thank them enough!!"
    Marcus & Amber H.

  • Brooke M.

    "Auto Express have been so good to me, I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a good car and very kind people. They helped me through my lowest point when I struggled to make ends meet and through my highest point like today, the day I paid my car off. Wonderful group of people and reliable car, thank you Auto Express I will be back."

    Brooke M.

  • Angela W.

    "Just got a car there yesterday and I would recommend it to anyone. It is so easy to get a car here. They work with you with your down payment and your payments. I don't know what we would have done if not for this place."

    Angela W.

  • Latasha A.

    "I purchased a 2004 Pacifica from Auto Express on Feb 25 2015, my car buying experience with them was beyond outstanding. Jesse the sales rep was open to listen to what I was looking for, he was very communicative, very nice, and had a great sense of humor and I knew this was the place I wanted to do business. They treat you as if you're family and I so love that about them. My car did have a minor problem and Jeff and Brandon are AWESOME they know how to do their job, they went above and beyond to fix the problem and it only took 1 day to get it ready for me. They gave me prompt service, unlike most dealers who just put you in something they want you to drive and can care less if a problem arises. Auto Express stand by everything they say and they treat me very well and I love my car, it's enough room for my family and I wouldnt trade it in for the world so if you're looking for a nice reliable car from people that care please please go to AUTO EXPRESS!!"

    Latasha A.

  • Heather S.

    "Just bought my Ford Focus from these great people. They are all very friendly and care about their customers. The check engine light was on in the car and before I even left the lot in it, they had it fixed. Consider me a very satisfied customer!!"

    Heather S.

  • Aisha R.

    "I highly recommend anybody who is looking to buy a car to go to Auto Express of Hamilton. They have great cars, the employees are all friendly, and they get you in and out. And the prices are great too!"

    Aisha R.

  • Jamal N.
    Congratulations Jamal on your new car!

  • Wanda & James P.
    Congratulations, Wanda and James! Thank you for your business!

  • Shavonya C.
    Congratulations Shavonya on your new car!

  • James C.
    Congratulations James, thank you for your business!

  • Keith B.
    Thank you Keith for your continued business!

  • Doris C.
    Congratulations Doris and family on your new car!

  • William B.
    Congratulations William! Thank you for your business!

  • Michael B.
    Congratulations Michael on your new van!

  • Patricia H.
    Congratulations Patricia, thank you for your business!

  • Ramon V.
    Ramon paid off his car today! Congratulations Ramon and thank you for your business!!

  • Benjamin G.
    Congratulations Benjamin on your new car!

  • Stevie N.
    Congratulations Stevie! Thank you for your continued business!

  • Brad H.
    Congratulations Brad, thank you for your business!

  • April H.
    Congratulations April, thank you for your business!

  • Stephen R.
    Stephen paid off his car today! Congratulations Stephen and thank you for your business!!

  • Shelby L.
    Congratulations Shelby on your new car!

  • DeMara S.
    Congratulations DeMara, thank you for your business!

  • Dawn H.
    Congratulations Dawn! Thank you for your business!

  • Brandi C.
    Congratulations Brandi! Thank you for your business!

  • Jesus D.
    Congratulations Jesus! Thank you for your continued business!

  • Michelle B.
    Thank you Michelle for your business!

  • Josh J.
    Congratulations Josh and family on your new car!

  • Robert B.
    Congratulations Robert! Thank you for your business!

  • Stephanie I.
    Congratulations Stephanie! Thank you for your business!

  • Terrica E.
    Congratulations to Terrica and Cary and their gang!

  • Yalonda H.
    Thank you Yalonda for your business!

  • Renia G.
    Congratulations Renia! Thank you for your business!

  • Debbie F.
    Long-time customer Debbie paid off her car today. Congratulations Debbie and thank you for your business!

  • Eric F
    Eric and his son and their new Denali ! Congrats! 

  • Jaime N.
    Jaime and her very first car purchase! Congratulation Jaime and Thank You for your business!

  • Emmett M.
    Mr. Emmett stopped by this weekend and left with his 4th car from Auto Express! Thank you Emmett for your continued business!

  • Ricquie R.
    Ricquie loves her new car!

  • Tonni D.
    Willie M. referred Tonni to Auto Express, she LOVES her new escape!

  • Arnisha C.
    Arnisha is very happy with her very FIRST car purchase!

  • Lashawna M.
    Lashawna M. celebrated her Birthday by buying a new PT Cruiser! Happy Birthday Lashawna!

  • Kevin D.
    Auto Express let me trade in the Grand Am I bought from them, so I could get the truck I had been dreaming of. Thanks Auto Express!
    Kevin D.

  • Carlos E.
    Carlos E. came in and got is second car with us!

  • Ronnie D.
    Ronnie D. is very happy with his new Cadillac.

  • Mary N.
    Mary N.'s daughter paid off her car months ago, so she recommended her mother to Auto Express of Hamilton. Mary could not be more pleased!

  • Ashley R.
    Ashley R. was very excited to get herself a new SUV!

  • Kathy B
    Auto Express of Hamilton made it super easy to get a vehicle!
    Kathy B.

  • Nehemiah J.
    Auto Express of Hamilton has been great. I strongly recommend anyone to buy a vehicle from them. I have bought four vehicles and I am extremely satisfied with Auto Express of Hamilton.
    Nehemiah J.

  • Shawn M.
    Me and my wife are so satisfied with our Ford Freestar minivan,but not only the van,the service is really GREAT. AUTO EXPRESS OF HAMILTON has the best and reasonably priced sellection over any used car lot in the tristate area. Y'ALL KEEP YOUR CUSTOMERS ROLLIN IN STYLE!!! THANX SO MUCH!!!!!

    Shawn M.

  • David S
    I have had a couple cars with Auto Express of Hamilton, they make the trade in process so easy!
    David S.

  • Shontez G
    Klia took advantage of our referral program and earned $50 towards her next payment!!
    Shontez G.

  • Shannon R.
    This is my third car with Auto Express of Hamilton! Jesse and Molly made my trade in process quick and simple!

    Shannon R.

  • Betty H.
    I just paid my car off! When I am ready for a new car I know where I am going, I had my title in my hands once I left!

    Betty H.

  • Steven H.
    I was given amazing service with no hassle what so ever. I found the right car and walked away with it in the same day.

    Steven H.

  • Michael B.
    Extremely satisfied!

    Michael B.

  • Randy T.
    This is my second work vehicle that I have bought with Auto Express of Hamilton. They treat me very well, highly recommended!
    Randy T.

  • Daquana H.
    I came here a few months ago and applied for a loan but I had not been at my job long enough, I came back a couple months later and I was able to drive away with my new car! 
    Daquana H.

  • Kelly B.
    This is my fourth car with Auto Express of Hamilton! I will only deal with them! They have excellent customer service.
    Kelly B.

  • Tiffany P.
    I paid off my first car with Auto Express of Hamilton and got my second car there too!
    Tiffany P.

  • Tammi G.
    Auto Express of Hamilton let me upgrade my ride. Auto Express is the best.
    Tammi G.

  • Keisha B.
    Thank you Keisha for being a valued customer and paying off your car! We appriciate your business!
    Keisha B.

  • Marcellas M.
    I was in and out with my new car in no time. Thank you Auto Express of Hamilton.
    Marcellas M.

  • Christen W.
    My sister has a car with Auto Express of Hamilton. They had the car I wanted and the paperwork was quick and easy.
    Christen W.

  • Terrance G.
    My mom has a bought cars with Auto Express of Hamilton.  She referred me and received $50 off her next payment by referring me. 
    Terrance G.

  • Nikki P.
    I came in, test drove my truck, and loved it!  Drove home with it the next day!! 
    Nikki P.

  • Daniel S.
    "We are on our third automobile with Auto Express of Hamilton. We could not be happier with the service and quality of the vehicles. Thanks everyone! You are now an extended member of our family."   
    Daniel S.

  • Aaron W.
    Auto Express of Hamilton made it easy to find the car I wanted and payments I could afford.
    Aaron W.

  • Penelope M.
    "I recommend Auto Express of Hamilton.  They were extremely nice, very helpful with answering questions and also well organized.  I'm a customer representative and pride myself with giving exceptional customer service and so did the people at Auto Express of Hamilton.  Way to Go!"
    Penelope M.

  • Angel N
    "Paid in full, just under two years. No hassles, no strings attached, just my title. When I need another car, I'll be back."
    Angel N.

  • Amanda D.
    "Auto Express of Hamilton is Amazing!!  I payed my van off and traded it in for a new ride with no down payment.  Also Auto Express of Hamilton is family friendly.  I highly recommend Auto Express of Hamilton!!"
    Amanda D.

  • Eric F.
    "I've bought three cars from Auto Express of Hamilton. Won't go anywhere else. My sister has bought two cars from them. They treat ya like family."
    Eric F.

  • Stacy M.
    "Found the car I wanted for the down payment that I wanted to pay."
    Stacy M.

  • Dana M.
    "Auto Express of Hamilton was so easy to deal with. They had me approved and driving in under an hour."
    Dana M.

  • Tabbatha C.
    "Auto Express of Hamilton had me financed and driving in 30 minutes."
    Tabbatha C.

  • Tasha S.
    "Thank you so much for working with us."
    Tasha S.

  • Leonia R.
    "Friendly people. We were in & out fast with the car we wanted."
    Leonia R.

  • Navy H.
    "Love my new Impala. Auto Express of Hamilton made things very easy for us."
    Navy H.

  • Casey B.
    "I had a very easy time getting informed on the options available to me.  I was in and out in the same day with a nice car.  I would definitely recommend Auto Express of Hamilton to anyone!"
    Casey B.

  • Jeff H.
    "Great people. 2nd ride I have bought from them. I have also referred several others and have been paid each time. Highly recommended."
    Jeff H.

  • Luanne F.
    " They will give you $500 for any trade and they sold me the car I wanted, instead of telling me what I had to buy."
    Luanne F.

  • Robert W
    "This is my 2nd car with Auto Express of Hamilton. They took my '96 Corolla in on trade even though I still owed money on it and sold me an '03 Accord with no money down. They treat you like family."
    Robert W.

  • B Saurmann
    " Great experience, great customer service!"
    B. Saurmann

  • Eddie K
    "I didn't have all of my down payment and they still sold me the car I wanted with a 2 year loan. I appreciated all the help they gave me."
    Eddie K.

  • Robert M
    " I had $500 down and needed a car. Auto Express of Hamilton approved me for an '05 Stratus with 112,000 miles. "
    Robert M.

  • Shante I
    "This is the 2nd car I've purchased with Auto Express of Hamilton! Easiest people to work with, bottom line."
    Shante I.

  • Rocco D
    "Great customer service! They really worked with me to find the right vehicle for my needs. This is my 2nd vehicle with them. I strongly recommend them to anyone that needs a vehicle."
    Rocco D.

  • Nicholaus V.
    "The process to get a car at Auto Express is very quick and easy! Brandon explained everything very thorough to me!"
    Nicholaus V.

  • Emmett M
    "I totaled my car from Auto Express of Hamilton and without even receiving the insurance check, they went out and got me an '04 Dodge Durango with no money down. I love this place."
    Emmett M.

  • Marco D.
    "Auto Express of Hamilton is the #1 used car dealer! The people are very nice and they always work with you. Good quality vehicles. Buy from them and you won't regret it."
    Marco D.

  • Kody G.
    "My grandfather referred me to them and I found a car I love. They answered all my questions and took care of me."
    Kody G.

  • Justen A
    "Auto Express of Hamilton gives me great customer service every time I walk in the door. I have purchased 3 cars in 2 years and haven't had any problems whatsoever. Highly recommended."
    Justen A.

  • Sherri J.
    "I was looking for an Envoy and had $1000 to deal with. The salesman called me as soon as they had one and lowered the down payment to $1000. I am very happy with the customer service."
    Sherri J.

  • Chris & Mollie
    "We absolutely love our car from Auto Express of Hamilton. We are repeat customers because they always treat us great."
    Chris and Mollie

  • Tyler H
    "This is my 2nd car from Auto Express of Hamilton. I feel that they are extremely loyal to me which in turn makes me loyal to them."
    Tyler H.

  • Patricia L
    "Exceptional customer service. Brandon really helped me out with all my questions over the phone. I knew this place was for me."
    Patricia L.

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